Amoxil (Amoxicillin) User Reviews

I have had my three teeth extracted, but the swelling was imminent. My doctor gave me Amoxil. This medication helped get rid of the swelling right away. The pain I have was gone. I recommend using Amoxil for any inflammation because it really helped me. I don’t have any problems with it whatsoever and it offers the best and most efficient results.


I was prescribed by my doctor to use Amoxil. It must be completed 10 days for my sinus infection. It worked for me. The rash diminishes alongside the itchiness. Now, I am a believer of Amoxil. For people who are having troubles finding the best solution for their problems with bacterial infection, I highly suggest the use of Amoxil. You will never go wrong.


I had a tooth pulled out, but I did not take any medication afterwards. Because of that, I developed an infection in the area where the tooth was extracted. The doctor put me on Amoxil and it worked wonders almost immediately. It helped get rid of the swelling in the area and even the pain was gone. I will use Amoxil some other time if opportunity permits.


I have a helicobacter pylori infection and it was for quite some time now. I suffered from peptic ulcers along with heartburn every day for the last 5 years. Then, my doctor gave me Amoxil along with a Carafate. These drugs worked as a combination drug. Now, I don’t have any problems with my health. The infection has gone away. I can eat all the foods I want without any repercussions.


I had a bladder infection. I was prescribed with Amoxil by my doctor. After just half a day of taking it, I felt better. This was a good indication because the infection was bugging me for one week before I took the medicine. Now, I feel so much better. I did not experience any side effects of the medication. Amoxil worked better for me than any other medications.


My kid has an ear infection. I was afraid to try any medications that were not prescribed by the doctor. That being said, I went to a doctor to have my son checked. The doctor gave me Amoxil. I used it to treat my son’s ear infection. After two days, my son said that he was feeling well. Good thing I have heard about this wonderful medication. Two thumbs up.


My daughter has an infection of the upper respiratory tract. I used Amoxil for her condition, of course with the prescription from the doctor. My daughter did not exhibit any side effects. The medication worked gentle but it is also effective. After just a few hours, she reported to me that she is feeling well. I will use Amoxil again in the future.


My doctor put me on Amoxil for 28 days after my dental implant. Though I experienced mild side effects, the effects were phenomenal overall. I got rid of the infection at the implant site that erupted. I went on every day without any significant problems. Indeed, Amoxil has become one of the best antibiotics I have ever taken. Greatly recommended.


Amoxil is very effective! It made me feel like I have never experienced a UTI. After a week of regular taking Amoxil, my UTI has completely vanished. However, I have had a diarrhea while taking the medication. It went on for two days, but that’s okay. The overall effect of Amoxil was good enough for me. This medicine was highly effective for me, and it is much better than my previous medications.